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End of Year Report - وروجک مامان آرش
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۱۳۸٩/٤/۱٤ :: ۸:۱۳ ‎ب.ظ

کارنامه نهایی آرش را 5شنبه گرفتیم. 90% موارد Excellent بود. رفتار در کلاسش Talkative بود از بس که شیطونکم پرحرف است. ابله

نظر عمومی معلمش هم این بود:

Arash is a highly motivated and conscientious student who has made excellent progress throughout the year in all subjects.

He works diligently and independently in all areas. Arash participates confidently in oral activities. He takes pride in the high standard of his written work. Arash is a good student who concentrates well during all class activities. Arash is eager to contribute and participate in all activities. He is a lively class member who mixes well with the other children. Arash is well mannered, pleasant and co-operative at all times. Arash has achieved excellent results over the year.

We recommend that parents encourage interest in and enjoyment of reading and number puzzles by obtaining books or computer CDs from bookshops and computer stores.

Arash is promoted to grade 1.

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